About Us

Knowledgeable and Dedicated

Founded in 2008 and based in Atlanta, GA USA Beyond Signs, Inc., a subsidiary of Beyond LED Technology is a global leader in cutting-edge LED technology. We specialize in the wholesale distribution of LED displays and lighting for all applications. We offer the most complete line of indoor and outdoor LED message centers and a broad range of commercial LED lighting available at the best prices.


Quality Products

Beyond Signs offers high quality products at affordable prices that are supported by our dependable service. Our goal is to globally go “above and beyond” when providing our customers with more than they expect in receiving our quality products and premium services. Beyond Signs is prepared to take on any project, regardless of size. From our dealers’ specifications we can specify, design and manufacture all types of built-to-order LED products – from lights to huge-scale displays.


Solutions Provider

We pride ourselves in being a signs and lighting solutions provider by offering our customers a broad line of innovative and high quality lighting products. Continued innovation is a core strategic initiative at Beyond Signs and we are committed to developing new products utilizing the latest technologies and designs. We pledge to deliver superior customer service by employing and training a team of highly experienced professionals.

Beyond Signs’ knowledgeable and dedicated sales team is here to provide you with any product information you need as well as answer any questions you may have.


The best image quality

Expect high-resolution, contrast-rich graphics that have been hailed as the best in the business.

all-Weather Protection

Only Beyond Signs give you a protective case, the ventless solution that seals out the elements, and guards your investment for years to come.

Outstanding Value

With a cost that no other display can even approach, our new Kaleo line offers all of the above, along with an unmatched support network.