Portable Light Box In A Box

Check out our “2019 Product of the Year”! These lightboxes are completely portable and reusable. Just replace the fabric cover and continue to display your business and products in a unique and stunning way! The entire sign can be deconstructed and packed away for easy shipping, carrying, & travel. These light boxes are a new and revolutionary way of displaying information about your business and products at events and trade shows.

Wow your customers, clients, and leads with something truly unique. Dimensions can be provided to various print shops for new cloth covers to be created. There is no wiring involved at all simply plug & play with this device for the ultimate in convenience. Our light stand boasts as the tallest double sided illuminated floor stand of its kind!

 You’ll simply be amazed at how much attention these light boxes have managed to attract for us. Attention is very important to getting people into our sales funnel!

Double Sided Floor Stands


  • Revolutionary Ultra Thin Double Sided Lightbox Floorstand.
  • Portable, Reuseable, Ultra Light, & Eye Catching.
  • No Wiring, Plug & Play.
  • Tallest Double Sided Illuminated Floor Stand Of Its Kind.